Football Friday on a Thursday, Week Ten 2012 Season

Time to Circle the Wagons!

Appropriately this week as our nation tore itself apart over who should be president, who should marry who and what you should be able to smoke, the Cougar nation launched into a full on family feud with players vs. coaches, reporters vs. coaches, fans vs. reporters, and plenty of blogger on blogger violence to boot. While the issues affecting our team have hardly been put to rest, our squabbles need to be for now because we have a very important game facing us this week. Its time to circle the wagons, put our helmets back on, lace up our cleats and get to work. Will the Cougs be able to bounce back from their week of turmoil and rally round their senior leaders? Will a fractured locker room and some key personnel losses be too much to overcome? Our blogfathers will weigh in with their  predictions after the jump…

Longball's Locks:

Thats right, yocals, I'm from a state where I can now marry a dude while blazing a dooby.

I know this sounds silly after a week when we were eliminated from bowl contention, but I really believe this is now our most important game of the season (until Apple Cup). The last week has been an avalanche of awful news, the kind of stuff that threatens to tear a team apart and leave a 2008-style mess on our hands. Although we supposedly put moral victories behind us after the nail biter with Stanford two weeks ago, I am not going to go so far as to call this a “must-win”, but rather a “must-compete”. We really need to show up this week to demonstrate that this team is still united and in a position to build towards a good performance in the Apple Cup. UCLA is way ahead of us right now in every way and competing for a South Division championship. We, on the other hand, just lost our most talented player to a case of the quitsies and one of our starting O-linemen on a unit that is as thin on bodies as it has been on “courage”. Word out of Cheney is that Hooty has been called up as a reserve offensive guard this weekend and is on his way to Pullman for today’s practice as I type this. This all seems to add up to yet another completely uncompetitive disaster like some of us were so fortunate to witness in person in Salt Lake. Then again maybe, just maybe, all the adversity, all the criticism and scorn from outside the program has created an environment that brings this team together. Maybe the few remaining senior leaders like Jeff Tuel, Travis Long, Gino Simone and Wade Jacobsen can rally their young team to put the events of the last week behind them and take out all their frustrations on the guys in powder blue and gold. Lets hope so, because we need it real bad right now. I expect a spirited effort this week that just falls short on bodies, but not heart.

Bruins 38, Cougs 21

Arizona 55, Colorado 17
In the immortal words of Jim Walden, we really were “run over by a moped” on September 22.

USC 44, ASU 35
Talk about your “must-win” games, nothing has gone according to plan for the Trojans who find themselves fighting for their lives in the South Division.

OSU 30, Stanford 24
I figure if we could shut down the Stanford run game, so can the Beavs. The Civil War is shaping up to be a whale of a game.

UW 33, Utah 17
Utah is about ⅓ the team they appeared to be last week and UW would be a top 5 team if they played all their games at the Clink.

Oregon 60, Cal 28
I used to put up scores like “60” sarcastically on these picks, but not with Oregon. They may outscore their hoops team this year.

Lucas Likes: Hello Cougar fans, happy Football Friday on a Thursday to you. Before we jump into my picks for the week, a quick lookie-lou at the standings of our Pick Em League.

Sean Hawk is still blazing a trail, with 218 points, and I don't recall any leaders other than him this season. Is somebody going to unseat him over the final three weeks or will he win this thing from pole to pole? How We Do is in second place with 212 points, and StPeteCougs is in third with 211. Keep up the good work, y'all!

Arizona 66 – Colorado 12: Buffs suck

USC 28 – ASU 27: What an utter disaster of a season for the Men of Troy. Could some of the fatigue and lack of depth from the scholarship resrictions finally be catching up to them? I dunno, but this is a toss-up!

Oregon State 30 – Stanford 28: Speaking of toss-ups. Two Top 20 teams and the two best defenses in the league square off in a huge match-up for the Beavs. You win here OSU and the Rose Bowl Dream is still alive and well. Lose this one, and with Oregon looming in a few weeks, you can all but guarantee an Alamo or Holiday Bowl appearance.

Oregon 63 – Cal 24: I can't believe the Ducks dropped as low as 4th a couple of weeks ago. They're the only team in the country to my knowledge with no win by less than double digits. Me thinks this one is gonna be a blow-out.

Washington 38 – Utah 28: The Utes are heading north, with an artificially inflated err of confidence after hanging nearly 100 points combined against Cal and Wazzu in SLC the last two weeks. The Huskies have been pretty damned good at home, and don't see them having any trouble in this one. Fun thing to watch will be whether or not Reggie Dunn can add a 4th Kickoff Returned for a TD in a three game stretch. Would love to know what kinda odds Vegas has on this right now.

UCLA 42 – Wazzu 28: Cougs are gonna get rolled in this one. Seriously, sick of trying to analyze this shit. Will be cute if Mora trots his assistants out looking like douchebags wearing war paint like he did last week!