Counter To Longball’s Point

So this post originally started as a comment to Longball’s post from earlier today, but morphed into such a long rant with multiple revisions, that I figured it deserved its own post!

Alex Akita from Seattle Sports Net made a lot of good points yesterday, starting with the following quote after the jump!

In the wake of our 18th player to depart the program since Leach took the job, Akita said:

“Leach will continue to lose players worth losing in the coming months. And make no mistake about it, every one of those players who quits on his teammates, regardless of talent or ability, will be worth losing. No winning team has a place for quitters.”

To counter some of your other points:

+ It doesn’t take talent, to hustle and try hard. Sorry Shaney, but Leach has never questioned an individual’s talent or efforts, he’s only questioned the effort of the team as a whole or particular unit. I have no qualms about that.

+ Wulff on the other hand said from day one of the 69-0 losses that his teams just didn’t have the talent, and most on here praised him.

+ Am I missing something? How has he been antagonizing to the media? Because he doesn’t discuss injuries? Or has he said things to the media that I am not aware of?

+ Saying wake up people and saying readers make moronic comments because they don’t agree with you is kind of silly. I believe it was Voltaire who said, “I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Calling people names because they disagree with you isn’t a way to get people to buy into or respect what you’re saying.

+ The case could easily be made the money Leach has brought in, the national attention (good and bad) he has brought us, and the tickets he has sold, is more important than the 3,000 yards MQW racked up in his career. At least Leach hasn’t walked out on the program without accomplishing anything for the team. I can think of a certain #86 who sure has! To me it’s about the name on the front of the jersey, to Marquess Wilson, it appears the name on the back of the jersey was more important.

A quick aside. If MQW doesn’t return and decides to forgo transferring (if he were to transfer he wouldn’t be in the NFL until 2015), an NFL Scout whom I am close with told me he would plummet on his 2013 Draft Board, from his current third round grade, to likely a 6th or 7th round spot.

There are a lot of things wrong with college sports, and in recent years, only the names Terrelle Pryor, Jerry Sandusky and Abortions in Miami need to be uttered, to highlight the win at all cost mentality that many programs have.

I believe Leach is not a win at all costs coach. He is the guy who wants his players to overachieve beyond what their God given talent would normally allow. This method of extracting more than the best out of each, should then pay off between the white lines, in the classroom, and then eventually in the Real World.

It’s too bad we live in such a hyper-politically correct society, like we do nowadays. Players calling Coach Wulff and their parents, complaining about things that are unfair. It reminds me of Adam Carolla’s rant about the OWS mentality (1:05 min mark).

“When these folks become adults and enter the work force, the boss can’t yell ‘Hey, lets go, lets get back to work.’ Oh you raised your voice at me. You better watch your tone buddy, my dad is a lawyer, and I will take this whole company. Self entitled pricks who think the World owes them a living, and now we’re getting the first wave of these d-bags.”

Let’s face it, you will never be able to have everything you want in a football coach. If you like winning and a high graduation rate, then we will be in for a treat in the coming years. The guy went to as many bowl games in 10 years at Texas Tech as our program has gone through in it’s 100+ year history.

Akita then summed his post up with the following sentence which was tough to stomach, coming from a Husky, but it’s the truth

“Between a school that has never won at much of anything and a coach that has been legitimately successful elsewhere, I know who I’d side with if I was a fan.”

If you’d rather eat orange slices, receive a participation ribbon, sit around and sing Koombaya, and continue to win 1, 2 or 3 games a season, then by all means! Me, I’m looking forward to what the future holds on the field with Coach Leach, in the meantime, we will clearly have fireworks to watch off the field!