Alex Brink’s Final Chapter

Ok, so, Alex won’t win any popularity contests. Not here, and probably not anywhere else. But we’ll always have the Apple Cup wins with #10. And since it’s New Year’s Eve, why not look back at the biggest drive of 2007? Happy New Year, Cougar Nation!

The Gess is Best; What Up With Those Beavs?

I guess it was a little predictible, but the first-ever WSU Football Blog poll question has selected Jason Gesser as the runaway winner for “Best WSU QB Ever”. More than size or stats, Gesser just plain won. And who can ever forget his guts vs. UCLA in 2002? That performance still resonates today, and will […]

Can Jed-Zilla Make it in the NFL?

In a very slow time for football news, there is a small blurb about Jed-Zilla. Jed Collins will play in the East-West Shrine game this year where old Jed can display his self-proclaimed 5+ 40-time for NFL scouts. But seriously, is Collins a true NFL propsect? Believe it or not, Collins is in fact on […]

Ho Ho Ho!

And in case you are wondering, YES, that is WSU Football Blog’s own Bad Santa. Yep, it’s Hooty McBoob, flashing the christmas onions at anyone/everyone. Even children. Bad Santa! There’s a good story behind the shot, so, maybe Hooty will swing by and elaborate? The blog continues to evolve. Right now I’ve enabled an RSS […]

How Much Will the Cougs Miss Harmeling?

Uh-oh. I hope this isn’t the beginning of the dreaded injury bug (knock on anything resembling wood right now). But 6th man and legit 3-pt threat Daven Harmeling is now out at least 4 weeks with a broken thumb. Damn. I guess we’ll see how much moxie these guys really have. That Pac-10 schedule to […]

Excuse Our Dust….

Aw, cheer up sweetheart. YES, WSU Football Blog has changed, but don’t worry! It’ll be ok. Turn that frown upside down! As you, loyal reader, can see, WSU Football Blog has undergone a bit of a “lift” so to speak. It was time. The old Crimson-n-Grey lady was showing some age and saggy-ness since being […]

Uncle Hooty’s Holiday Grab Bag

Holiday Greetings, Cougies! The McBoob children were happy to see Santa Butch last week on the CdA lights cruise. May your holiday be filled with cheer and good will; and may your kids be cute as mine. It’s Day 4 of Invasion of the In-Laws ’07 at the McBoob residence. The bad news is that […]

Thursday Quick-Hits

We’ve written before about the on-the-field ramifications of missing out on bowl games. The extra 15 practices were always something Mike Price would talk up as the invaluable experience for his younger players in the program. These days it’s even more important, due to the limit on the number of hours per week that a […]

Tru Gets His Due

Sooooo happy to see a classy kid get his Pro Bowl nod today. That’s right, Marcus Trufant, PRO BOWL STARTER for the NFC. And you can’t say he didn’t earn it this year. The numbers don’t lie, and 7 INT’s is huge. Reportedly a lot of credit can go to Jim Mora on this one. […]

You Just Never Know

I guess these two guys should never, ever sit together (but the shlub directly to the bottom-right thought it was a funny picture too). West Virginia is PISSED today. Their coach, a guy they considered a lifer and a guy who was building something really special in Morgantown, has bolted for greener pastures in Ann […]

Life Experiences Build a Winner in Wulff

I know many of you that read our blog or the usual WSU coverage online already know a ton about Paul Wulff. But the Spokesman today hit a HOME RUN with the background story. I believe that people really need to know what we’ve got here in coach Wulff. His hiring was big news in […]

Levy Stays! Plus Other Stuff

Well that’s a relief. Mike Levenseller will in fact be on the staff for 2008, as announced by Cougfan and the Seattle Times. Very, very good move for the best WR coach we could have. Could this be a help in keeping Brandon Gibson in the fold for 2008? (begin rant) Hey Brandon, have YA […]

Point of Parliamentary Procedure!

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be brief. The issue here is not whether Brinkhater broke a few rules, or took a few liberties with our female party guests – he did. *wink* But you can’t hold a whole blog responsible for the behavior of one, sick, twisted individual. For if you do, then shouldn’t we blame […]

Six Down, Three to Go?

For those of you who wanted Control-Alt-Delete with the coaching staff, you may be getting your wish. Rumors were circulating last night, but today it appears official – According to Howie Stalwick, Wulff has released at least six of the nine existing assistants. Yarno, Burtnett, Walker, Long, Walkosky and Peterson are all gone. As has […]