Football Friday – lightning round

Lightning-fast Football Friday. Yes, I’m in this picture. As is Rooster, I believe, although it’s kind of hard to get a clean look at him. This is after the 2004 Apple Cup. Anyway, first, our game – I had a ridiculiously long over-analysis on this game at AOL, and literally as I was typing the […]


Well, Cougar faithful, we now stand at the season’s Brink. One game to decide whether this program has a shot at resurrection or whether we are doomed to have our best year in “the cycle” be the pinnacle of mediocrity. You see, with the exception of 2001-2003, this program has lived and died on the […]

Friday Picks, Week 12-1

Well last Friday I filled out my picks, hit the “Publish Post” button and headed out towards Pullman for what turned out to be the worst weekend I’ve had in a long time. I’m kind of glad my post didn’t post because I said some rediculous crap. Things like “Arizona is going to be on […]


Happy Football Friday to all the Cougar faithful. Hope you all had a solid, solid week. As always, hard to believe that we are in the 11th game of this season. And what implications this one has for the future of this program. As noted earlier in the week, this one may be the most […]

Football Friday Game 11

The usual AOL preview is up. Hard game to call, really, and you can make an argument in a lot of different directions. I’m not being a “homer” this week, but bottom line? I think WSU is more resilient than ASU. The Cougs have bounced back from a loss every time this season, and you […]

Hey, ASU is Limping Too!

Yep, we’re beat up. But so is ASU. Getting up early is going to go a long way towards beating them down in the desert. With the struggling confidence of Rudy Carpenter, and now their 800-yard tailback is probably out with a sprained ankle? And a couple of starting o-lineman and their #2 WR are […]


Well, Coug fans, how does the hangover from Saturday’s debacle feel two days after the fact? Don’t know about you all, but Brinkhater woke up this morning in the bluest of blue moods. Without question, the next two games loom large for this program. And, it would be hard to argue against the notion that […]

Let DOWN(er)!

Scroll down to the previous post to see that some of us were nervous about this game. And for good reason. Bottom line: Brinkhater is not good enough at anything to have an undefeated season (in this case, in the Coug prediction department). Now, next week looms large for both bowl and program hopes. With […]

Football Friday–Week X

Happy Football Friday to all. Hope you’ve had a good week. As you can all tell, our famous staff are struggling to reach the finish line…with no bye week, its all pretty tough. Couple of quick hits regarding this game: 1) This game has let down written all over it. I know that people are […]

Quick Football Friday

I’m sorry to say that my 3-yr old has the chicken pox and it’s my turn in the “rotation” to stay at home with him, so I’ll be brief…. The AOL preview is up. Nothing super, really, it felt like Hamburger Helper without the hamburger. You know, all helper, NO MEAT. Maybe it’s because the […]

Write a check….

or SHUT your mouth. At least that’s the gist of the article. Brutally honest, not that the numbers are a shock but the tone is somewhat surprising. We are, as a whole, a pretty apathetic fan base. From lousy and inconsistent attendance to the lowest fan donor levels of any program in the conference, we […]

Brinkhater Named Offensive Player of Week!

Yes, Cougar nation, Brinkhater was named offensive player of the week today after a few choice expletive laden tirades directed at Peanut (Loren Langley) during Saturdays game . Can’t believe I won it, but I can say that I have been doin’ my best to stay within myself, give it 110%, stay healthy, and do […]

It’s ROLLING now

What a tremendous win. I rambled on and on about it here, but just to review – is this the most resilient team in WSU history? Have you ever seen a team come together more than they have under extreme adversity? Just 3 weeks ago there were serious calls for Gary Rogers and major doubt […]

8-4 Prediction

At the beginning of the season when I made my outrageous prediction that the Cougs would go 8-4, this was one of the games that I said we would lose. However, I thought we would beat Cal. I’m asking the football gods for a trade… I probably should have asked earlier. It seems like all […]