2006: The Year of the Beavs

Yes, Cougar nation, 2006 was the year of the Beaver. No doubt about it. From the national championship in baseball, to an improbable 10 win season in football. The Beavs had it this year. And in case you need ANY proof, all you had to do was see the last second 2 point conversion which […]

Vasquez Follows Erickson

I guess a verbal commit is just that, a verbal commit, and nothing is ever final until a kid signs. The combo of Akey + Erickson was probably the thing that tipped the scales, and so JC DE Luis Vasquez heads for Tempe. Too bad. Hard to say he is a big loss, as he […]

Thanks For Playing, Oregon

We have a copy of the home game for you as well as some lovely parting gifts….. And that’s ANOTHER Cougar FIRST DOWN/TOUCHDOWN/ETC! Think Oregon is sick of hearing that? Way to show up Quacks. 38-8? Yuck. If only they didn’t play Portland State, they could have been home with us lamenting being shut out […]


Good luck coach Akey, and congrats on your first head job. I’ll miss his post-game comments on the radio broadcast, where he was so hoarse he couldn’t speak. The guy brought the enthusiasm, no question, and he could coach defense pretty well. Remains to be seen how things unfold going forward. What assistants will he […]

Woulda, coulda, shoulda…

We should be getting ready to watch the mighty Cougs of Pullman battle the Horned Frogs of TCU in Holiday Bowl Junior, but alas, we get to watch Garrett Wolfe (who is, by the way, Jerome Harrison Junior). Just one more victory and we could have greatly benefitted from being in San Diego right about….now. […]

Dennis the Liar at it again

You can almost picture the billboard: “Coming to Sun Devil Stadium, it’s Dennis Erickson! Tickets Going Fast, HURRY! Limited Time Engagement! He’ll be gone before you know it!” Not exactly a shock, when he said last week that he hadn’t heard from ASU – YET – but gosh, he sure would listen if they called! […]

Are WE a Basketball School!??!

WOW. Never thought I’d see the day. Don’t look now, but the WSU hoops program is now 8-1 and has a win over 18th ranked Gonzaga. Over 10,000 fans at the game last night? Tony Bennett, get used to being in every rumor mill in America come this spring for every big-time college job available! […]

Say Goodbye to Brinkhater

Quick Post-Post Edition: Vote for Butch and WSU receives 10k! The, back to the program: And so we have reached the day…… The day that we all say goodbye to the two year reign of Brinkhater from the WSU Football Blog. Does this mean that I will never post again? Hardly. Does this mean […]

If it wasn’t over before….

This puts the nail in the coffin: N. Illinois gets the bid. The true hope for the Cougs was to see a 7-win Pac-10 team fall here, but, this guarantees that 7-win ASU and 7-win Oregon are taking the Pac-10 slots. We are done. Good-bye 2006, time to work on wrapping up the season […]

FUN With Bowl Breakdowns!

Ok, not really. But I thought I’d do some nosing around and see who’s eligible, and how long the odds actually are IF the Pac-10 doesn’t go the extra mile and Tom Hansen puts his tail between his legs (again). The following is a breakdown of 6 and, in some cases, 7 win teams. Things […]

2007 Preview–Say Hello to 5-7

Happy Thanksgiving Cougar Nation! Well, in the midst of speculation that our bowl hopes may not be completely dead, Brinkhater thought he’d throw some fuel on that fire and state how DIRELY important it is that we play anyone, anywhere in a bowl THIS season. Why is that so important? Because next year’s schedule and […]

Not much else to add

A picture from a much happier time……before kickoff yesterday! As the headline states, not too much to add here. Just a thoroughly disappointing end to a season that once held so much promise. Sure, there is a mathematical possibility that WSU could still end up in a bowl game, but, it’s hard to imagine we’re […]

Congratulations Washington

No other way to put it. There was one team on the field last night that looked like they had something to play for. And it wasn’t us. And that shocked the holy hell out of Brinkhater. When you think about how BIG this game was for our program, and how much bigger it was […]

Last Regular Season Coug Game

I don’t think I’m in that picture Hawk because I was too busy hugging Jerome Harrison elsewhere. And speaking of hugging Jerome, that was where I discovered Jerome could have truley ran for and been voted in as the mayor of Pullman. What a great guy. He didn’t even mind me cupping his ass during […]

Football Friday, Week 12

Well, Coug Nation, the end is now near. And while its easy to be lulled asleep by the last few weeks, it is important to note that Brinkhater is now sitting at 10-1 in the season prediction department for the Cougs. With a win this week, Brinkhater plays for the National Championship. So, what’s it […]