Wazzu Rise ‘N Grind – Independence Day Edition


Happy 4th of July Cougs!  We at the blog hope that you enjoy a fun, safe and SANE holiday weekend with friends and family over the next few days (and hopefully you got a 4-day weekend out of the deal?).  Plans are still forming for yours truly but I'm sure whatever it is we settle on, it'll involve food, drinks and explosions.

Gotta be safe and SANE though.  My Dad has a scar on the palm of his left hand as a constant reminder to be flippin' careful when dealing with fireworks.  Back when he was a young boy he and his buddies were at the Alki beach one 4th of July, and they were lighting off fire crackers and just being dumb kids.  They would light them, hold them for as long as possible, then throw them in the air as they would explode.  You can pretty much figure out what happened, as he waited just a bit too long on one of them and, well, now he has a scar to remind me, his only son, to be careful on the 4th!

That never really stopped me though.  We did a lot of stupid s*it back in the day, stuff you might find on Jackass 3D today.  But luckily I came away unscarred (but will still preach to my sons to be careful!).  Anyway, have a great time whatever it is you choose to do, but make it back in one piece, mmm-kay??

On to today's links…

First, is Mike Leach on the hot seat after just ONE season in Pullman??  It sounds pretty crazy, but 3-9 in year one wasn't exactly the sizzle Bill Moos was looking for to go along with the steak.  I think it's been whispered here and there that they need to show real improvement this season, but I haven't heard any rumblings-n-grumblings behind the scenes that it's win-or-else, hot-seat time…have you?  Anyway, The Sporting News ran an article of the top eight NCAA coaches on the hot seat for 2013…and Mike Leach was #5:

It has been only one year in the Palouse, but that one year was demoralizing. Leach, a passing game guru, had an experienced quarterback (Jeff Tuel), an All-American wideout (Marquess Wilson) and a decent offensive line—and couldn’t win or even score points. He’s not going anywhere, but the rope will get much shorter if the Cougars struggle again in 2013. 

There's a lot we could overreact to but it is a fair point anyway – if 2013 is a struggle, again, well, the natives will get pretty restless (at least the ones who care anyway).  



I don't know the number of wins it will take to satisfy the masses, but I believe the latest over/under for the Cougs in 2013 was 4.5?  At least per BeyondTheBets.com, where all 125 FBS win totals were released last week, the Cougs clock in at 4.5.  Knowing what you know about the 2013 Cougs, and looking at the schedule and all that, where would you come down on that bet?  I have an idea but for now I'll hold off for another day…but I think the over is certainly attainable, let's just put it that way.

Finally, WSU added EWU to the 2016 schedule.  Who knows what that means right now – Will EWU continue to be a lower-level power?  What will WSU look like in '16, will Mike Leach still be the coach? – so there really isn't any reason to react to it right now.  But the last time vs. the Eags, well, things almost went horribly wrong.


WAY too close.

That's about it for now.  Enjoy your holiday weekend, and of course, GO COUGS!