Wazzu Morning Drip – Helmet Schedule 2013 ‘n Such


Happy Monday Cougs, and welcome to another Morning Drip.  And a big happy MLK Jr day to you and yours, and of course we hope you are basking in the glow of a 3-day weekend!  No luck for me unfortunately, as I will be back to the grind on a typical Monday.  Oh to be a banker or government worker on a morning like this.  Back in the day I did work briefly for the now-defunct WAMU, and while they paid peanuts, well, at least we got every friggin' holiday off under the sun.  So there you go.

Anyway, lots of stuff to get to today to kinda/sorta round up your weekend.  Jeff Tuel played in a postseason All-Star game, it was an important weekend for recruiting, etc.  And oh yeah, the 2013 Pac-12 HELMET SCHEDULE IS HERE!  Hooray Helmet Schedule!  Check it out…..


As promised:

NOTE – I know it won't appear correctly in your browser due to the width of the image.  You can right-click on it and save it to your PC, and then you can view it offline if you are having an issue seeing it on your PC/device/phone/whatever.  You can also right-click on it and choose to "open in a new browser/window", and it should appear correctly.  We will also be updating our blog header for the 2013 version just to keep things current, so if you can't save this one for some reason, sit tight.  Anyway, a huge THANK YOU to our own SelahCoug, who took the time to put this thing together.  I'm a visual guy and it's always kind of cool to see the way the whole conference schedules kind of lay out compared to the others and see how it all fits.

Moving on, Jeff Tuel played in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl over the weekend.  Tuel turned in a strong performance too, completing all 8 of his passes for 63 yards, including a TD pass, as his team rolled to a 34-0 win.   Tuel was snubbed for MVP honors, however, as instead they chose Kansas QB Dayne Crist (what a ripoff!).  But in all seriousness, Tuel has looked sharp thus far in the postseason collegiate All-Star game circuit.  In two postseason bowls, Tuel has completed 14-of-16 for 178 yards with a couple of TD's.  I saw one tweet over the weekend that said that Tuel might be sneaking in to the top 10 of the QB's for the 2013 NFL draft, and well, you have to think he's going to get a good look at getting taken in the later rounds?  We'll see after the combine and all that stuff and you start to see the mock drafts really pick up.  But so far so good for young Tuel, and we continue to wish him well in his future endeavors!  

Moving on, a big recruiting weekend for the Cougs.  A couple of kids from Texas have committed, including big safety Montrel Meander and wide receiver Charleston White.  Meander is a big fella at 6-3, 190, and had offers from Texas Tech and Houston among many.  White, meanwhile, picked the Cougs over ASU, Colorado State, and Nevada among others.  So far a good haul, and more are likely to come in the coming days as they head down the home stretch towards signing day.

So, hooray Harbaugh Bowl??  Eeesh.  Now I do like John Harbaugh, and after many decent playoff runs the Ravens finally broke through by beating Brady and Belichick.  But younger brother Jimmy???


Not so much.

Yeah, he's a former Pac-12 coach and all that….but GO RAVENS!  

Finally, WAY WAY WAY off topic but…..that whole NBA to Seattle thing?  Looks like it has finally come to a signed agreement.  The reports are everywhere that it is now a done deal, and we should get an announcement officially between the two groups as soon as today.  The next step would be to have it go through the NBA board of governors, where they would need to approve the sale as well as the move of the franchise in Sacramento to Seattle for next season.  

Will the Sonics return?  It seems like it's closer than ever.  But we'll see.  KJ in Sactown hasn't given up yet and is said to have some real "whale" investors on his team, and they are going to pitch their side of things to the NBA.  If the league hears what it wants to out of the Cali group, they could always deny the Maloof's sale to Hansen's group and back them into a corner where their only recourse is to sell to the local ownership group.  The NBA would then wait a little longer for Seattle and eventually, maybe, grant them an expansion team.  But things sure seem to be lining up that the NBA is headed back up north.  


I still refuse to get too excited about the idea, and want to see it all play out between the decision makers before geeking out on the Kings roster and look ahead to what they might look like in green-n-gold!  But still, as a young man in Seattle back in the early 90's, the Sonics with Kemp and Payton and George Karl?  The Sonics bring back a lot of great memories, and I would love nothing more to see them return in some way, shape or form!  

All for now.  Enjoy your Monday, and of course, GO COUGS!