Happy Monday to you, Followers.  Hope you had a great weekend.

As for me, well, I’m a bit upset.  For less on that–as well as other semi-related Cougar news–read on.



Followers, as my second favorite group, Simply Red (Air Supply is my first favorite group), sang in their classic 80-90’s :  “If you don’t know me by now, you will never, ever, ever, know me…oooh….oooh…oooh..”  

Simply Red or Air Supply?   Do you Know?


And so, when you see me stretching to find ANYTHING substantive to write about in the middle of football season, well, you probably know what’s going on inside my little black heart.


Hi, I’m a Black Hole.


In other words, its hard to find a whole lot of enthusiasm about anything Cougar these days, unless you’re jacked about Ken Bone’s newest recruit getting busted for having “less than 40gs of pot” on him last week.

Fortunately for us, the next few days threatens to change all that. For example, later tonight, we might find out what new form of competition Mike Leach brings to practice!  I mean, last night it was soccer penalty kicks, last week it was dodgeball, followed by  the old mighty egg toss.

So, tonight I’m doubling down on either Twister or Parcheezi–hoping to god that Leach doesn’t pull out the old “resort to the sack race” trick…….

Beyond that, there’s always the chance that football might become interesting again.  And in all candor, I’m suspecting that it just might.

In fact, I’m willing to double down that we will see two BIG upsets in the Pac-12 this weekend.  The question of course is “which one?”

So, in an effort to ruin my Football Friday post five days early, I give you the three games from which two shockers will result….


USC @ Arizona

Oregon State @ Washington

Washington State @ Stanford


Your charge is to pick the two–assuming that you’re up to the competition.

That’s all I got for today.  Sure was fun watching the Dawgs get run, wasn’t it?

Go Cougs!