The Greatest Ever?

Hello Followers.  Hope you’re enjoying the last full week of “April Showers.”

Today marks the fourth installment of Filibuster Thursday, the day we take all quasi-relevant news from the internets, stick it in the blender, and head straight toward HeadCheese Central.

For that and other yummy stuff, read on. (UPDATE 11:00AM PDT)


Leading off today we have Mike Leach’s interview on KJR yesterday with Furness and Puck.   Lots of good stuff in the interview if you get a chance to check it out.

But the big news that came out of that interview is that there is a clear, established course from which Sekope Kaufusi can be reinstated to the football program.

As we documented here in almost grand fashion, setting the stage for accountability within and throughout the program is vitally important for on-going success. But, in our view, what is equally important is provide a chance for young men to learn from their mistakes in ways that allow them to move forward to bigger, better, and/or more promising directions.   So, a big cheer to Coach Leach for providing that path forward and a big hope that Sekope can take care of business this summer so he can throw his hat back in the ring.


On the Spokesman front, I have to say that I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the coverage that Christian Caple provided throughout the spring. While some of the between practice interviews were a bit lackluster, I have really enjoyed several aspects of his coverage, including his Wednesday chats.  But what really caught my eye was this little nugget that appeared in Christian’s final post-practice re-cap:

The biggest news might be that the third-team offense ran most of the team session, with Cody Clements and David Gilbertson splitting reps at quarterback. Leach said that’s something he does on Thursdays during the season. He’ll typically give the No. 3 unit about 30 plays on those days. And, he said, during bowl week, they’ll work even more. Yes, he said bowl week specifically.


So, there you have it. While we’ll have A LOT more in the coming weeks regarding the upside of this team regarding wins, Leach is now on record as stating that he thinks this team will be bowl eligible at season’s end.  And that is an exciting bit of news following spring ball.


Moving on, a really great article was penned by Mark Sandritter yesterday at the house of our Almost BFF’s.  Really nice bit of research/projection about Marquess Wilsons past-present-future numbers.  While I’ll save the details for you to peruse (or not) at your leisure, this bit really caught my attention:

All of this adds up to a season line of 101 receptions, 1,635 yards and 15 touchdowns for Wilson in 2012. If you’re wondering, that would leave Wilson with career marks of 238 receptions, 4,029 yards and 33 touchdowns. All three would be WSU records and Wilson would be 111 receptions and just 976 yards from the FBS career receiving records. If he maintains his level of play and stays for his senior season, Marquess Wilson could go down as the best statistical wide receiver in college football history.

Mind you, Wilson would need to rack up nearly 2500 yards over the next two seasons to approach “legend” status in the college game.  However, given the pretty measured way that Sandritter went about his analysis indicates that he is on the track to do just that, barring injury and/or a three year tenure at WSU.  And with that, I ask you, what do you see as Wilson’s high side?

Do you associate him with some of the best College receivers of all time such as Anthony Carter, Chris Carter, Tim Brown, Larry Fitzgerald, Desmond Howard, Michael Irvin, Calvin Johnson, and the like?

Personally, I do not at the present moment. But it will certainly be interesting to see whether or not Wilson ultimately enters the Cougar history books as a Klay Thompson like talent (great talent, great numbers, few team successes) or if he enters Cougar Lore alongside Ryan Leaf, Jason Gesser, and other players-turned-legends who led a renessaince of Cougar Football.

Time will certainly tell.

Okay, that’s all for today, the Khan says he’s gonna take my spot next week, so good luck with that. 

In the meatime, Go Cougs!


Jody Sears has just been named interim coach at Weber State University.