So Ummmm….Yeah

Good morning and Hump Day, Cougs. I got nothin'. I really just don't have much to say about this stupid football season, so this will be brief. Even the least optimistic among us could have never imagined a scenario in which we'd be 2-7, our best player would have quit the team and worst of all, my fellow blogfathers and shotgunnin' buddies, Longball and LucasCoug would be lobbing passive-aggressive volleys at each other on This Here Blog. So where do we go from here? I really don't know. I do know this season is completely and utterly lost. You know where I was when the Cougs were getting throttled by Utah on Saturday? The golf course. I'd planned to be able to watch the second half, but that clearly became a waste of time so I just golfed some more and ignored the game completely. In my recollection, this has never happened to me. The days that followed kicked off the greatest meltdown in Cougar Nation since Mike Price skipped town for Tuscaloosa. Mercifully, I was on the road again yesterday and was too busy to read all about it like I typically would. This season has stripped me of my excitement for Cougar football, which is quite remarkable and quite sad. 

So what do we do? We support Jeff Tuel and Travis Long on their way out. These are two dudes who have laid their bodies on the line (quite literally in Tuel's case) to get their teeth kicked in for four years. They rarely produced results we would have liked in their careers, but they will be two of my favorite Cougs.

Accept that Mike Leach is our coach until he isn't. We all thought his approach would be a little more "quirky" than "my way or the highway", but apparently we were wrong. On the whole, it's hard to disagree with someone who thinks he needs to shake the loser mentality out of a bunch of kids who have done nothing but lose. That said, nobody can just go about doing things however the hell they want and expect to have the unfailing support of everyone. Should Leach's methods continue to cast a public negative light on the program, his methods will require some examination. If he gets "his guys" in town and starts winning ball games, we'll likely all forget about this ugly episode. If he doesn't, his proponents will get quieter and quieter until he is gone. I'm not saying we should support him blindly if he continues to act like a douche, but there really isn't much to be done about it so accept that he's driving he bus and understand he feels a total overhaul is necessary even if we didn't.

Stop yelling at each other. It's bumming me out.

And oh yeah, one last thing…beat UCLA.

Go Cougs.