Heading to Off (Season)

Hello Followers.  Hope you're having a great week.

In case you missed it, Mike Leach conducted his final official press conference for hte 2012 season.  And with that, the ribbon is officially tied on 2012 Cougar football. 

For a few, post press conference thoughts and a bit more, read on.

First and foremost, in yesterday's press conference, Leach noted that Marquess Wilson essentially recanted his entire "abuse" story in front of WSU and Pac-12 investigators.  And truly, this is no surpise.  When you heard about the details of the press release–namely, that it was written and released by Mr. Wilson's stepfather–it became pretty apparent that, if there was no abuse, this was case of a parent getting far too involved in their kid's business. 

So, what now?  Well, it sure seems that Leach has closed the door on Marquess.  And while understandable, I really  hope he changes his mind.  Personally, if I'm Marquess, the BEST way to put this behind you so you can move toward an NFL career is put the proverbial tail between your legs and beg for forgiveness.

And that forgiveness should take the following form:  Promise to be a leader on the practice field for the next 18 months–as a REDSHIRT.  That is, in order to ensure Leach that his antics will not interfere with the team's development on the field, Wilson should sit next year out.   By doing so, he can help his team develop internally at the same time that he gives himself the opportunity to get stronger physically and mentally.  Then, in 2013, he'll be able to play his senior year for a team that should be well positioned for a national ranking, and Wilson would have a great opportunity to receive post-season honors. 

In my view, such a structure would allow Marquess to gain  much needed maturity and discipline at the same time that he prepares his mates week in and week by being the best scout team player in maybe the history of ever.


Earlier in the week, Ted Miller announced the home-road opponents for WSU next season.  In case you missed it, here is the schedule breakdown:

Home:  Idaho, Southern Utah Valley Northwestern State (East Branch Campus), Utah, Arizona State, Stanford, and Oregon State (Seattle).

Away:  Auburn, Oregon, USC, Arizona, CAL, Washington

Don't know about you all, but the thought of playing 7 dates away from Martin Stadium, including 6 conference games, is no stinking picnic.  And so, in order for this program to break its 10 year bowl drought, it will probably need to win all three non-conference games.

So, go ahead and circle that first game at Auburn–who will have a new coach and scheme–as the major swing game of the 2013 season.


On a final note, you all have probably noticed that its gotten real slow around the WSU football blog as of late.  And while last Friday's stunning victory provides much needeed optimism for our fan and blog base, the fact of the matter is that its been hard for all of us to find the time and energy to move forward.

So, while yours truly promises to be back tomorrow with a few words, you should also know that a decision is forthcoming regarding the blog and its future directions.  In other words, look for an announcement on Monday.

That's all I've got for today.

All for now.  Go Cougs.