Leach Arrives, Finally

So today’s the day – we finally get a look at the new WSU coach, as the locals head to Pullman to take a look at none other than Mike Leach.  It seems like an eternity since early last week, when reports started to surface that 1) Wulff was out, and 2) Leach was candidate number one.  And in the world of these here internets ‘n such, a week is a flippin’ LIFETIME.  Anyway, here we are, and the wait is over.

Per Howie Stalwick, the Leach tour starts with a public press conference in Pullman at high noon, and then he’ll hit the Seattle media tonight at 6:30 for more interviews.  Our own Adam will be in Pullman for the press conference today, and we’re looking forward to some first-hand accounts of how things go. 

So stay tuned for, well, a really huge day for WSU football!