Hump Day With Huddy – Tired Edition

Hello, Cougs. Hump Day. Normally I would say, “Happy Hump Day”, but nobody in Cougar Nation is happy. This would typically be the Puppy Dogs and Ice Cream portion of the week where I try to put a positive spin on things and talk about how it’s just one game, but I just don’t have it right now. After a week where the discussion largely centered on firing our head coach (at least the public discussion was partially driven by our very own Adam and his Evergreen column), I was ready to move on. Then this happened. That’s right, folks. Our starting quarterback might be out for the year following a bout with compartment syndrome, a condition with which we are all fall too familiar after it almost cost James Montgomery his leg a couple years ago. It’s a condition, by the way, that I have never heard of happening to anyone else. At this point, it’s just piling on and as Lily Von Schtupp once said, “I’m tired”. She was tired of playing the game, which was a fwiggin’ shame. I’ll tell you why I’m tired. After the jump.

I’m tired of no-shows. I can handle losing. I can’t handle getting completely dismantled. What happened on Saturday was an embarrassing effort.

I’m tired of it seeming to be OK with he coaching staff. I know that effort is not a tangible thing and there is no way we can measure it, but the quotes from Paul Wulff this week made it seem like this loss was no big deal and that OSU essentially happened to play the perfect game. Look, I don’t know what’s being said behind closed doors and it probably wouldn’t be productive to say, “We were terrible.” For the love of Lone Star Dietz, though, stop sounding like things are just going to be OK.

I’m tired of having a coach on the hot seat. The situation is what it is and there is no real way to avoid it the way college football is these days, but it sucks to have every loss or even every bad moment in a win lead to questions about the head coach’s job status. I’m not saying it’s wrong to question Coach Wulff or even his future, but it’s just tiresome.

I’m tired of Fox’s breakout hit “New Girl” being on hiatus because of the World Series. Uhhhh…yeah. Read the next one!

I’m tired of this team being “young”. Most of the guys we count on to make plays have started somewhere around a dozen times. Youth is no longer an excuse for people running wide open through the secondary.

I’m tired of our blitz looking like a crash test car slamming into a wall.

I’m tired because I’m not very smart and sleep on my couch too much, not affording myself enough good nights of sleep.

I’m tired of Skip Bayless. I never watch him, but still.

I’m tired of the Husky resurgence talk, although Stanford 65 UW 21 did make me feel better about that.

I’m tired of getting stuffed on fourth and short.

I’m tired of NFL commentators’ insistence on referring to Ben Roethlisberger as “Ben”. I’m tired of the Steelers in general.

I’m tired of getting verbal commitments from kids with no other Pac 12 offers.

I’m tired of people belittling off the field efforts because things are going badly off the field. This week became an indictment on The Seattle Game and the waving flags campaign, which are both things people would have loved had the scoreline been reversed. 

I’m tired of the kids that live near me who think that the most appropriate place to play is in the street. I’m especially tired of the chubby one who thinks it’s hilarious to make it look like he’s not going to get out of the way or even walk directly in front of my car.

I’m tired of every loss having to be a program ruining catastrophe. Saturday sucked and represented a lot of what is wrong currently. It did not end the season.

Most of all, I’m tired of thinking that the bad days of Cougar Football are over and feeling like I can openly talk about things getting better, only to be snapped back to harsh reality by a week like this one.

Let’s get in and out of Autzen without major incident, then regroup for a hopefully much less tiresome stretch run.

Go Cougs.