Athlon’s to WSU: You Still Don’t Exist

Happy Humpday Cougs, and a new month is upon us.  And with June now here, the annual preview mags get closer and closer to showing up on store shelves across the country.  I for one cannot WAIT for Phil Steele’s latest-n-greatest, which should be shipping early next week!  Hooray preview season!

Anyway, Athlon’s has gone ahead and released all their Pac-12 covers for this year’s edition (hat tip to “CrimsonDynamo” in comments yesterday).  If you weren’t familiar with the way Athlon’s operates, usually they create a regional cover for the different schools, and that’s great and all.  I mean if you are living in Seattle, for example, are you more likely to pick up the Athlon’s edition with a UW player on the cover, or would you instead grab the one off the shelf with the Arizona schools?  It’s a good idea and something that a lot of the major preview mags have done for a long time.

This is, of course, the first year we’ll see the Pac-12 in these kinds of things, so that is cool.  But what’s interesting for this year?  Athlon’s has released six different regional covers this year for the Pac-12, all with a local flavor.  And with that, ELEVEN different Pac-12 schools will see the cover…..that’s right, ELEVEN, not 12.  Any guess as to which Pac-12 school, uh, didn’t make it??  Feel like getting your inferiority complex on??  Here’s all six covers, so check ’em out yourself…..


First, the Arizona schools.  Nicely done.

Bay area with Andrew Luck, cool.

Colorado with their own cover, makes sense as the only P-12 school in Colorado, with the explosive Stewart on the cover. 

The LA schools with their cover.  Nice.

The Utes with Jordan Wynn making their BCS conference debut, very cool. 

Which leads us to, FINALLY, the NW schools!  I wonder if they’ll have Tuel on the cover?  Or maybe Marquess Wilson….Either way, they can’t go wrong?


The unfortunate thing is this is exactly the same situation as last year, with the 2010 NW cover.

Look, I know we’re the most irrelevant program in the Pac-12.  And the awful losing the last few years, combined with the far reaches of space and time that is Pullman, WA, make media attention hard to garner.  But I guess it would be nice if they at least pretended WSU existed, outside of picking us last in the conference…..again? 

Oh well.  Hey, at least Taylor Rochestie made it to Athlon’s cover, once upon a time!

I guess the moral of the story is if you win games, the general public will care and they can actually use your team/likeness to sell magazines.  Until then, well, here we are.

Enjoy the rest of your Humpday, and as always, GO COUGS!