WSU FB Blog Tryout #5, Interview With a Thompson

So we have finally come to the end of our open tryouts, as contestant #5, Jeffrey Grimm, weighs in. 

Jeffrey is a die-hard Coug and a current communications major at WSU, and has made some good connections over his time in Pullman.  Today, he gives us an interview with Tony Thompson, former WSU tight end who is now part of the athletic department.  Take it away Jeffrey (note – this entry was submitted on X-mas eve, after the Baylor victory in hoops….)


Q & A with Tony Thompson

By Jeffrey Grimm

First off, how about our Cougs against Baylor? Klay and Aiden are turning out to be one of the most dynamic duo’s in college basketball. I think its time we start praying for an NBA lock-out… 

Having been a Coug for such a short period of time, it is amazing how much it has completely taken over just about everything I do. As a student, these past couple of years have been absolutely brutal to watch from a football standpoint, especially because I have been one of the few who have stayed at the stadium into the second half. My first (Cr)Apple Cup I had ever been to in Pullman was my freshman year, 2008, and our OT win after Grasu’s field goal. I was one of the first people to storm the field, and watched one of my buddies actually TACKLE Grasu with about four other students, being fortunate enough to take his mouth guard. It still brings a smile to my face to think that I was able to start the “Huck the Fuskies” chant on the field with all the students (it may have been the vulgar version, I cannot recall at the present time…). I live and die with this school, and I don’t think I can have more fun than to sit and blog with those who feel the same way. 

Anyway, on to what I have for you. I was able to catch up with former player Tony Thompson, son of Cougar legend Jack, and get some thoughts on his experiences and what he is doing now.

How is it working as a graduate assisstant so soon after graduation with Washington State?
At first it was quite an adjustment, being in Bohler Gym but now as an employee. But it’s been an eye-opening experience to see college athletics from a totally different perspective. It definitely makes you appreciate all the inner workings of a Pac-10 (soon to be Pac-12) athletic institution. 

For the last part of the football season, the Cougs showed a sense of rebirth and energy in the program. What do you think were the main causes of this?

We were a young and talented team that didn’t have much college football experience heading into the 2010 schedule. As the season progressed, so did our players. It was only a matter of time before our guys would get the hang of things. All that culminated in the Oregon State game. It’s unfortunate that we didn’t finish off with a win in the Apple Cup, but our guys showed a lot of fight throughout the season which has me excited for the future.

What was your best memory about playing for the Cougs?

That’s a tough one. I’ve been a Coug since the day I was born so the whole experience in general was a great memory!
What was your favorite Apple Cup you played in?
Easy. The 2007 Apple Cup in Seattle was amazing. I got to come in for an offensive play and had the lead block for a Chris Ivory TD. When he scored, I was high-stepping in the endzone as if I was the one who got the touchdown!


How would you describe the Husky-Cougar rivalry as a player?

I can’t stand the Purple and Gold. Period.

What are YOUR thoughts/expectations/concerns about next season?

I feel like this group is motivated and talented enough to be a force in the Pac-12. I don’t want to get into the “X’s and O’s” about anything, but if we consistently bring an attitude and intensity that I know we’re capable of bringing, there’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll do some special things next season.


Thanks to Jeffrey for the post, and to Tony Thompson for his time.  And that’s all for now.  GO COUGS!