Pick Games, Win a T-Shirt

Over the past few years, we here at the blog have done a weekly “Football Friday” post, where we belly up with our weekly picks.  That’s all well and good, and yes, we’ll keep doing it this year (next week already!), but we thought we would shake things up a bit. 

Think you know more than the average Joe on picking games?  Then this year, you can prove it.  That’s right, we want YOU to pick games with us.  And we’ll reward you if you are good enough to finish at the top of the standings.  That’s right, lucky guy or gal, you pick games well this year, then you get one of these fantastic t-shirts!  And yes, in case you were wondering I purposely chose the long-haired, unshaven model for the t-shirt.  Sealed

So if you want one of these, it’s simple, really.  Just sign up for our Yahoo pick’em contest for the 2010 season, and if you are the reader who finishes the highest in the standings, then we will ship you one of these (A quick note – this is just a sample.  If you win, you can pick the style of shirt, the size and position of the logo, etc.  It’s all customizable to your liking.) 

Or heck, pick something else if you like.  We will use Zazzle.com, where they have all sorts of stuff. 

And no, it won’t just be the top score.  Instead, we’ll go with the top three finishers in the final standings who can choose something from Zazzle.  First place will pick between a t-shirt, beer mug or coffee mug.  Second place gets to pick what’s left after first place makes their pick, and third place gets stuck with whatever’s left…..sorry.

To join in the fun, just do the following:

NOTE – THIS INFORMATION IS FOR A SECOND GROUP!  Our first group filled up, as Yahoo places a limit at 50 members.  So, this is for the second group.  Please know that even though you will be in the second group, you will still be included in the overall standings with group #1.  It may not look like it from the Yahoo website, but we will keep a tally and make sure both groups are counted equally.

Here is the second group information:

1)  Go here, to the Yahoo Sports Fantasy College Football Pick ’em.
2)  Click Join a Group.
3)  Enter the following information: 

Group: 16079
Password: wazzufbblog

If you are part of the first group, here’s the login information:

Group: 14767
Password: gocougs

That’s it, you’re in!  The picks will be available next week, and all you have to do is go back to the site and make your selections.  I think you have up until five minutes before the first game next week to make your selections, so, that would mean a week from today would be the deadline for week one.  The selections will be Pac 10 games, plus some national games of interest. The first selections for week one will be available Monday, August 30th. We hope you can join in, and it should be fun (and a few of you have already joined in).

Now, read on for today’s points of interest and such…..

Grippi sez:  Wulff NOT HAPPY with Wednesday’s practice! Yeah, it was hot – 95 degrees hot – but the young men didn’t respond all that well to the heat.  Among some other highlights of Grippi’s post include tonight’s final scrimmage, which will feature “game-like” conditions; Cornerback Nolan Washington went for about 40 minutes, but had to stop practicing, as he tries to recover from a hip injury suffered earlier in the week; and unfortunately, the JC d-tackle, Al Lapuaho, will NOT BE COMING to WSU after all.  Per Grippi:

Some news on touted junior college defensive lineman Al Lapuaho, who committed to WSU this summer. He’s not coming. He’s back at Snow, where he’ll play his sophomore year. NCAA clearance was going so slowly, Lapuaho made the decision to return to Utah and play the year. We’ll see if he comes back in the spring.

You hate to hang your hat on a JC transfer, as that’s always dicey.  But not having Lapuaho inside is a bit of a blow to the d-tackles.  With Dan Spitz out until November, and of course, no Toby Turpin or Josh Luapo since the spring, things are a little thin in there.  Lapuaho would have at least been a near-300 lb body inside to give some front line guys a blow, but that won’t happen now.  If you had to guess, right now it’s Bernard Wolfgramm and Brandon Rankin as the starters, with Anthony Laurenzi, Justin Clayton and Steven Hoffart backing them up.  Still not end-of-the-world type stuff, but certainly not good news.

Howie Stalwick at Cougfan checked in with big Bill Moos, and he had a lot to say.  But the general theme is on Moos and his efforts to engage Spokane a heck of a lot more than his predecessor, as well as the some of the same stuff we’ve been hearing since the spring – facility upgrades are a priority!

The National Football Post has a good look at the Pac-10 QB’s.  And hey, not only do they say some decent things about Jeff Tuel, they actually ran a picture of him in the story, along with Stanford’s Andrew Luck!  Cool.

Joe Nickell’s official WSU Blog has a quick recap of yesterday.  Things to take include Jeff Tuel saying they are ready to stop playing themselves and start playing someone else, and Nolan Washington’s return to practice.  No video from yesterday, but Joe promises more from today’s action.

Cougcenter looks at special teams, among their positional previews for 2010.

Best places to eat in Pullman, per user submitted entries to ESPN.  Who ya got?  Put me down for the usual – The Coug of course, CCDI, calzone at Sella’s, ice cream at Ferdinand’s. 

Jim Moore at the P-I says the whole UW lovefest going on right now is TOTAL BS, as well as outing another Coug “turncoat”  –  Johnny Nansen.

Finally, this got some reaction yesterday, but have YA SEEN the Seattle Times and their new UW application?

Among the features include “Just Jake”, where you can up your obsession/stalking of #10 to a whole new level, “Dawg Sounds”, which include barking and that awful siren, and “What About Bob”, a section on none other than Bob Condotta’s latest.

Bob Condotta – A FORMER COUG I might add – just keeps falling deeper into the abyss.  I know there is still good in you Bob, I can sense it.  But as we’ve said before in this space, you are more machine than man now….twisted and evil. 

Yes, UW is located in Seattle.  Yes, the Seattle Times is now the last newspaper standing in the big city.  But has the cheerleading reached a new high (low?) from what is supposed to be a news organization?  A buck is a buck, and the economy still sucks, so everyone has to try and maximize every revenue opportunity available.  And if UW fans want to pay $2.99 for this, then by all means go for it.  But I don’t know, I thought the Seattle Times was supposed to stay above waving the pompoms?  It’s one thing for a private company to develop and sell the app, but the Seattle Times?  Yeah, we’re a WSU blog, but it just kinda grinds our gears, know what I mean? 

Oh well.  At least the Times said this when they released the app:

Most important, unlike other sites and apps produced by sports teams, you’ll get the objective reporting The Times has delivered to you for years.


All for now.  GO COUGS!