Celebs in Coug Clothing – Who Ya Got?

Greetings Cougs, and a happy Friday to you all.  So, you’ve probably heard, but Paul Wulff made it official after Thursday’s practice – HE HAS NOT been lifting, thanks.  Nope, coach Wulff simply said he hasn’t lifted for some time, and in fact, like many of you he’s a “stress eater”…..and he’s put on about 30 lbs since he took the Coug job.  You can check out the video here:

So I guess we missed on our “has Coach Wulff Been Lifting?” theory from yesterday.  Still, I don’t know, maybe we’re out to lunch on this one but he sure looks fit these days.  He looks considerably more fit than a couple of years ago.  Maybe it’s the angle on the photos?  Or maybe it’s even the small things, like the clothes?  You know, instead of droopy drawers Russell sweats, now he’s rolling with the black pants and fitted Nike coaches polo?  It’s a decent transformation, whatever the deal is:

I don’t know, it seems like it would take some work?  Maybe he is just blessed with good genetics.  But he just looks better, we can all agree on that, right?

Speaking of clothes and Cougs and all that, we thought it would be cool to check out some different celebrities over the years, celebs who were spotted wearing WSU gear.  Read on for our top six picks, plus a bonus for our UW friends, as well as the daily links from yesterday’s day five of fall camp:

1)  Alyssa Milano

Alright, this one is a fake.  Well, OK, not exactly “fake” in that she isn’t wearing the shirt.  She is.  But the fake part is that it was computer enhanced to sport pretty much any team of your choosing.  Here you can see her wearing the same shirt, only for the Montreal Canadians.  This was from Amazon.com, where the Alyssa Milano “Touch” collection features many of your favorite teams….including the Cougs, obviously!  Whatever, she looks great, even if they are fake (….the shirt I mean).

2)  Corey Haim

OK, now this one IS real, believe it or not.  And completely random at that.  But CNN ran this photo of him in his photo gallery on the day of his death, back on March 11th of this year.  Weird, isn’t it?  While it isn’t the screaming Cougar logo head or anything, you can clearly make out part of the W, the S, and the beginning of the U, as well as the word Cougars without the “C” or the “s”.  Random (kind of like this post??).  Oh, and the third picture from CNN’s photo gallery on Haim is him hanging with none other than Alyssa Milano!  Spooky….

3)  Ice Cube

The movie was called “Are We Done Yet?”, the sequel to “Are We There Yet?”  It takes place in the lovely Pacific Northwest, and Mr. Cube actually wears an Oregon shirt as well during filming, as you can see here.  Why would they go with the WSU baseball jersey for the movie poster?  No clue.  It must be the thriving media metropolis of Pullman/Eastern Washington??  “Wardrobe, get Mr. Cube in a WSU jersey, ASAP!  THAT will pack ’em in!”   :)

4)  John Candy

Of course, an absolute classic here.  Candy famously played Tom Tuttle from Tacoma, WA, starring opposite Tom Hanks in Volunteers, and belted out the Cougar fight song in the movie while sporting a crimson jacket.  In the shot above, he’s right in the middle of the song, and you can barely see the screamin’ Coug logo in white, on his left side of his chest.  Here’s the video too by the way, just in case the first 100 or so times you’ve seen this wasn’t quite enough….

5) Leo

This one caused a bit of a stir, but in August of last year, Leo was spied overseas wearing a WSU lid while hanging out with supermodels on the beach.  You know, Leo simply being Leo.  Anyway, all indicators are that it is 100% legit, but there is no obvious WSU connection to DiCarpio.  In fact, Leo has been spied wearing all sorts of hats over the years, many of them of the college variety, including Auburn, West Virginia, UCLA, and ASU, to more obscure ones like Rhode Island and VCU.  I guess NCAA hats are kind of his thing when he’s out and about?  But for whatever reason, on that day last summer, it’s true – his color was CRIMSON!

6)  Tiger Woods

The story goes that during last year’s Masters practice round, Tiger took a shot and then spotted a guy in the gallery behind him wearing a WSU hat.  He then traded the guy his Stanford hat for the WSU hat, and Tiger took a shot with the Cougar logo lid you see in the picture!  Cool, isn’t it? 

Well, it would be cool…..but it’s BS.  OK, we confess – this one was our doing.  The original photo did have a guy in the gallery wearing a WSU hat.  The guy’s hat seemed to be facing the exact same direction as Tiger’s hat, and as they were both facing the same direction and standing so close together, the lighting was just right.  The original picture ran on ESPN.com, and the guy with the Coug hat was just to Tiger’s left (he’s cropped out of the above pic).  So it was a matter of cut-n-paste, and viola, you have Tiger hitting an iron shot with a Coug hat! 

* Bonus for our UW friends  – Lindsay Lohan.

I know many of you have see this floating around, but we thought a before-and-after shot would be appropriate?



YIKES.  You know, I guess it’s true what they say – the whole “promiscuous drug addict” thing sounds hot at first, but then you see the end-result?  What a mess, poor Li-Lo.

If you have any celebs in Coug gear, fire us a link in comments or something like that.  We would be curious to see if there’s anything we missed. 

OK, back to reality, and some links for you on a Friday.

  • Howie Stalwick is back at it for Cougfan, recapping day five.  Among the highlights are BIG time energy amongst coaches and players, Alex Hoffman-Ellis coming back strong after a back strain as the defense ruled the day, and true frosh John Fullington got some reps with the “ones” at the end of practice. 
  • Teddy Miller has a video, and it’s about the Cougs!  Yeah, he’s come out with his “Don’t Be Surprised” vid on WSU for ’10.  What does he say?  Give it a click and check it out, but, he does think the Cougs will be considerably better, and they actually have some “guys who can play” this year. 
  • Grippi’s chalk full of recap-ness, and admits that HE was the one who asked Wulff if he’d been lifting! Nice work Vince.  Anywho, Grippi hits on the defense ahead of the offense right now, a nice play by Gino Simone on offense, and a really good story on the progress of James Montgomery as he takes another step forward in his comeback.
  • Joe Nickell’s First and Crimson blog at the official site has a new look.  It’s now just called WSU Cougars.com Blog, and you can find it here.  Joe’s recap from Thursday hits on the good play of the defense, led by the linebackers and secondary, and also points out that both Brandon Rankin and Bernard Wolfgramm were “nicked up” and didn’t practice today (but they did work out with coach Lovat).  Joe also says he’s willing to ask players some interview questions, but he is soliciting them from the fans – that’s you.  If you have any specific questions for any player, drop by his site and leave a comment.
  • Finally, while Wulff says he hasn’t been lifting?  Clearly, the football players have been pumping iron – HARD – and it’s starting to show.  Cougcenter put together a photo gallery, using Cougfan’s photos as the source, and you can definitely see some changes happening here (check out Jared Karstetter!  He’s all of 6-4, and now he’s got some real meat on his bones.  He might be in for a really nice junior year).

That’s it for now.  Enjoy your Friday morning, and as always, GO COUGS!