Trekkies Bash Star Trek as “Fun, Watchable”

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Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As ‘Fun, Watchable’

Despite the geeks hating on this one, we ventured out and saw this summer blockbuster for a Mother’s Day matinee treat. And let me say, it was as good as advertised. Pretty good story, lots of excitement, funny dialog, and a really strong cast. The guy playing Captain Kirk was great, and the Spock character was pretty good too. And the special effects?? WOW. Just wow. The line between special effects and reality continue to blur, and this one was about as perfect as it gets on the big screen. It was pretty much everything you want in a summer popcorn movie. And oh yeah, I HATED Star Trek as a kid….although my Mom says I used to wear a gold Starfleet uniform and pretend to be James Tiberius….but whatever. I seem to have successfully suppressed that memory?

Moving on, the new uni’s are coming. June 12th is what we had been hearing, and sure enough, it’s now confirmed:

While nothing is officially out there, some unconfirmed rumors say that they look pretty nice. Clean and sharp are two things we’ve heard. Oh, and Cougfan? They LOVE the idea of having the uni’s unveiled in Pasco. Absolutely, positively LOVE it….

Meanwhile, Baba Booey’s first pitch. You’ve all seen it by now, right?

We have a new contender for “worst first pitches ever“. Just awful. What’s funny about it is that Gary was talking on the Howard Stern show for the last few weeks about how hard he was working to get ready for the big moment. Throwing a lot of pitches every day, even talking to a sports psychologist. And BaBa-Booey? He Ba-Ba-BLEW IT. I mean when the umpire standing five+ feet from home plate catches the pitch, you know it’s bad.

Now it also must be said that the whole thing was done for charity. He was serving as a host for autism awareness day at Citi Field, and that led to the whole first pitch thing. The link to the story has details, as well as a much higher quality video with an interview with him. So sure, we laugh, but all in good fun.

Finally, Cougfan broke the story last night on something Vince had been saying all spring, and that is Romeo Pellum made it official with his transfer. From Cougfan:

Romeo Pellum was WSU’s top cornerback as a sophomore last season, but the Cougars’ defense ranked among the worst in school history. Pellum led WSU with six pass breakups, tied for first with two interceptions, ranked second with 51 unassisted tackles and came in third in total tackles with 65.

The article speculates that Brandon Jones, the Cal transfer, will get first crack at Pellum’s spot.

We’ll see how it goes in the spring, but losing Pellum is disappointing. But rules are rules, and Pellum had a few issues. Good luck to him, wherever he ends up.

That’s it for a light Wednesday. Stay tuned for more fish wraps, coming soon. As always, GO COUGS!