Jeff Tuel Debut – Caught on Video

So there is a lot of “Tuel Talk” hitting the Coug-o-sphere right now, and rightly so.  The kid showed the promise we have been watching from his high school clips and hearing the first-hand accounts of his ability in practices this fall.  It was an impressive, encouraging performance for Coug Nation, and another “small win” as Paul Wulff has referred to as this season continues to grind on.  The kid has some ability, with good feet and a solid arm that should, hopefully, get better with more strength and work on perfecting mechanics as time rolls forward.

But if you didn’t see it?  Maybe you saw it but would like to see it again?  Well, good news – despite my less-than-stellar video editing abilities, I somehow figured out how to rip some Tuel highlights from the game off the old DVR and onto a DVD.  Which was then ripped from DVD to video file, uploaded to YouTube, and here you go!  There’s just about 10 minutes of footage, and while the quality isn’t great, hey, it’s at least SOMETHING to look at?  I also included the last 4th down goal-line stand, just because the defense shouldn’t be totally ignored on this game. 

It sounds strange to make a highlight video from a 27-6 loss, doesn’t it?  But there are some interesting aspects with the kid QB, obviously, so it bears watching again.  Check it out, after the obligatory “read more” feature…..


I love how Barry Tompkins on FSN refers to Tuel as “Tardy” about three different times.  I guess that comes with being a true frosh.  Was he the same guy who screamed “TOUCHDOWN USC!” when Stanford scored the winning TD in their monster upset a couple of years ago?? 


Also, I had to take out the last minute of the video because of the Youtube 10-minute rule, so, I made it it’s own video.  It’s just Tuel working the sideline after the TD. 


Why save this?  Because it’s cool to watch him talking to all the vets, who are clearly impressed with him.  And check out the long words from Xavier Hicks.  You can read the body language and tell that they believe in this kid. 

Anyway, feel free to weigh in with your takes on young Tuel as well. 

ENJOY your day, and as always, GO COUGS!