Did EA Just Leak New WSU Uni’s?


Hmmm. Seems as though EA Sports has launched their new “teambuilder” feature for the upcoming NCAA Football game, NCAA Football 10. You can check it out here (there is a quick registration, but it’s painless). A big tip of the hat to the Cougfan forums for finding this.

Why does this matter? Well, basically the feature of teambuilder added to this year’s game allows you, the user, to create a team online and then import it and play it in NCAA Football 10. Fair enough. A pretty cool little feature for getting your videogame geek on.

But one of the features is that in creating a team, you can choose EXISTING team uniforms, stadiums, logos, etc, and play them in the game. So, for example, say you wanted to recreate the 1997 WSU Cougar team, complete with stadium, uniforms, logo, etc. You can do that with the game.

One thing though. Because the game lets you choose existing uni’s? That means that the new WSU uniform is available as an option to choose from! That’s right, the new Nike uni’s are on the EA Sports website. Check it out.

Here’s a composite look at the three choices for pants:



Looks like three different helmets, three different sets of pants, and a clean jersey with stripes on the shoulder. Pretty cool.