Time to bomb away with the comments on tonight’s absolute thrashing of Notre Lame.

Key points:

1) The defense was great, but it was the REBOUNDING that made us dominant. Very few second chance points tonight. It was the difference.

2) Kyle Weaver played like a pro tonight. I know that Low was great, but Weaver looked like the 1st rounder that he is. Wonderful game by a wonderful player.

3) Rochestie sucked. Which made tonight even more amazing that we are able to dominate (let alone win) without his “A” game.

4) Cowgill might have been our MVP this weekend. He really, really stepped up. When he and Caleb are hitting from the perimeter, we are a really tough out. We DO have a chance to make it to San Antonio folks. It may not be a great one, but we do have a real chance.

So, congrats seniors for earning what it is that you absolutely deserved: The Sweet 16 and a night or more in the National Spotlight. You make us all proud.

Lets put our hands together for this crew…

As well as for the Arkansas Razorbacks..

Go Hogs!!!