Thanks For Playing, Oregon

We have a copy of the home game for you as well as some lovely parting gifts…..

And that’s ANOTHER Cougar FIRST DOWN/TOUCHDOWN/ETC! Think Oregon is sick of hearing that? Way to show up Quacks. 38-8? Yuck. If only they didn’t play Portland State, they could have been home with us lamenting being shut out of the bowl process and wouldn’t have had to endure the shame and embarrassment of losing by 30 on national TV, and WEARING THE UGLIEST uni combo in the history of ever!

Did you know, that in losses to WSU, Arizona and now BYU, Oregon lost by a margin of 109-41. Two words – OVER…..RATED!

Meanwhile, did you hear the one where some think it’s a good idea to have Doba be the head coach AND the d-coordinator??! Seriously. Once again, it looks like the guys in charge will take the easy way out and just give Doba the reins on the defense. He’s sure got that head-coaching thing down pat, might as well let him coordinate the defense too! Never mind that there are some qualified candidates on the staff, mainly Ken Greene. Never mind that we took a chance by giving Robb Akey the job 3 years ago, and it’s absolutely the right thing to do with Greene this time around. We’ll just overwhelm coach Doba even more. What a bad joke.