Probably Gotta Take Cal

Besides Tad, congratulations go out to Chris Dorsh for making it on the Cougmail Oregon vs. WSU Gametime email. Looking good D.

Like I told Hawk earlier this week, If you told me Cal was going to beat us 2 weeks ago after we just got done playing with USC, I would have thrown out the Corso’s “Not So Fast My Friend”. (By the way did anyone watch Gameday last weekend and see the sign over Herbstreits shoulder that said Corso Hearts and then there was a diagram of the male genetalia. Ever once in a while live TV throws you a little bone like that.) But after seeing the Cougs struggle with OSU last week and Cal dismantle Oregon, I’m at the point of just hoping we play them close. Hawk is earning his money on AOL with all the analysis. I would just like to throw in that we might have a chance tomorrow if we bring back the deep ball. Tennessee killed Cal with that and that is how the Cougs kept themselves in the game last year.

I don’t have my hopes up, probably gotta take Cal.

Cal 32 Cougs 20

Huskies 35 Beavs 27

Oregon 42 UCLA 24

USC 38 ASU 24

UA 23 Stanford 6

Hope the fella’s prove me wrong! Go Cougs!