Not much else to add

A picture from a much happier time……before kickoff yesterday!

As the headline states, not too much to add here. Just a thoroughly disappointing end to a season that once held so much promise. Sure, there is a mathematical possibility that WSU could still end up in a bowl game, but, it’s hard to imagine we’re high on any list right about now, coming off a 3-game collapse and looking not very good in the process.

Maybe in the big-picture kind of way, I really wonder if we’re staring straight into the abyss, and there’s now no way to stop it. I wonder, if as I heard about 1000 times walking out of the stadium yesterday, that if Doba is really our “Keith Gilbertson” as a head coach. You know, a really good assistant in his own right, but as a head coach, he just doesn’t cut it. After the 2003 season, culminating in the Holiday Bowl win over Texas, Doba could have run for King of Pullman and won in a landslide. But they’ve followed that up with 5-6, 4-7 and now 6-6 seasons. Is 3 straight non-bowl wins acceptable after 3 straight top-10 finishes in the AP poll!?!? Apparently it is, and, for the very reason that drives basically everything in the country.

Money. That’s why. Pure and simple. Money. We are the POOREST school in the conference, 10 out of 10 in every possible way you analyze it. We have Doba locked up until 2010, and he’s the lowest-paid head coach in the conference. We can barely afford to keep the staff together as it is, and the last thing the university is going to do is fire a guy like Doba and pay him off while they also bring someone else in and start over. It’s just not going to happen. You know why? Because we as fans are not doing enough about it. Like the Dan Weaver article criticized people a few weeks ago, in that as a group, WSU fans give the LEAST, and yet expect the MOST out of the program. Period.

No, I’m not going to start a “Fire the Coach!” campaign, or register or anything insane like that. But I seriously doubt now that he’s got the head-coaching chops to avoid the basement next year.

Everyone (including myself) needs to look in the mirror and ask what we can do to step up and help the program before it slides into the abyss, because as Brinkhater says, this is setting up to be a brutally tough next couple of seasons if things remain as-is. And given the “state” of “State”, don’t expect anything to change.