Last Regular Season Coug Game

I don’t think I’m in that picture Hawk because I was too busy hugging Jerome Harrison elsewhere. And speaking of hugging Jerome, that was where I discovered Jerome could have truley ran for and been voted in as the mayor of Pullman. What a great guy. He didn’t even mind me cupping his ass during the hug.

Here’s a series of thoughts I had this week. Remember when the Cougs used to lose games by “Couging it”? One thing I think we’ve enjoyed in the Doba era is that “Couging” games has become a thing of the past. The Cougs hold onto leads and if they lose games they usually are losing them right from the start. However, is there a new trend of “Couging” a season rather than games? If the Cougs lose tomorrow my friends, they “Couged” it. They blew what could have been a 9-3 season and finish 6-6 with probably not much likelihood of a bowl game. It is amazing how much better 7-5 sounds than 6-6 right now.

They good news is they can and will do it. They will do it for the same reason they did it last year… pure pride and finishing on a positive note. The extra motiviation they have this year is a bowl game. I really don’t see how our defense can’t make Bonnell and/or DuRocher wet down their leg. I also think that the offense has had enough time together now without Hill and Bumpus to be able to click better. Maybe they have a kicking game now too huh?

Cougs 28 UW 17
Ducks 28 UA 24
USC 32 Cal 27 USC will find a way to win, even though they aren’t the team they used to be.
Beavs 35 Stanford 10
Sundildos 30 UCLA 23

Come on guys… THE Ohio State is your national champion. The only team they’ve haven’t given a total ass-whoopin’ to this year is Illinois. It won’t be big but it will be authoritive.

Buc’s 27 Wolverines 17