Football Friday, Week 12

Well, Coug Nation, the end is now near. And while its easy to be lulled asleep by the last few weeks, it is important to note that Brinkhater is now sitting at 10-1 in the season prediction department for the Cougs. With a win this week, Brinkhater plays for the National Championship.

So, what’s it gonna be, you ask?

Cougs, cougs, cougs, cougs, cougs in this one.

Sedihawk brings up a good point below–namely, that the Cougs NEVER play well in this game when they are favored. NEVER.

But, as bad as Husky teams have been over the past couple of years, they have NEVER been as bad as the team that is headed east on the bus right now. Simply put, this Husky team is absolutely AWFUL. (and let this be known Coug fans, IF we were to lose this game-and we won’t–heads should roll. This would be the biggest collapse in the history of the program!)

That said, this WSU team is not much better due to injuries on offense, although per Sedihawk’s comments, I think you will find a MUCH different performance from the defense this week with the return of our DTs.

I also think that despite recent woes, that the coaching staff will implement the two TE set this week and use it early. In other words, Brinkhater predicts that the Cougs WILL run the ball this weekend–to the tune of 155 yards on the ground.

Mind you, this game is NOT going to be pretty–unless you are into “pretty” frustrating performances.

But, as we’ve learned with this team, as the running game goes, so does the defense. As the running game goes, so does Alex Brink. And since we will find a way to run, all will be good.

Cougs win this one handily 24-10 despite some UGLY three and outs from both sides…


Ariz 21 Ore 17: Oregon can’t stop the run. Arizona has learned how to play power ball–they also can cover well enough to keep Dixon in the pocket. When that happens, Oregon can’t score.

Cal 31 USC 21 Simply put, SC is NOT an 11-1 team. CAL’s ability to run and play D will be the difference here. First RB in 40+ years for Da Bears.

OSU 51 Stanford 3: Mad Beavers meet a Stanford team that now has NOTHING to play for. This one will be brutal.

UCLA 28 ASU 27: Wacky Crap-10 just gets whackier.

Mich 31 OSU 24 (OT): Greatest football game ever before the game becomes greatest football game ever played after the game. With the spirit of BO working like Obi-Wan Kenobi, the mojo is all towards Michigan. I agree with Sedihawk, Michigan is MUCH better than people have given them credit for. This one IS the classic!